You should have received a ballot envelope (similar to this one). It will have been sent to your ‘preferred address’, this may be your work or home address.

You are being asked to consider industrial action – the ballot opened 14th June.

What is the main issue we are voting on?

In your ballot envelope you will received a detailed insert explaining the below 5 points in more detail. But as a summary:

1.      Pay. We deserve a 3.5% pay rise. Since 2009 AoC pay recommendations have fallen 30% behind inflation and on average FE teaching staff are paid £9k less than school teaching staff.

2.      Restructure and Redundancies. We oppose all CR. We oppose cuts in remission hours of lead tutors and hours relating to teaching, learning and pastoral care. 

3.      Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy. For CCCG to withdraw their current policy and to establish an ungraded observation policy built on peer assessment.

4.      Workloads. To follow Guided Learning Hours, ensure manageable class sizes and employ specialist attendance staff.

5.      Holiday booking agreement. To agree protocols and procedures for booking of staff holidays and use of iTrent

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