Are you a member of UCU?

If you are a lecturer, teaching assistant, LSA, teaching support technician, support worker, TLM, coach, assessor or instructor – UCU is the union to represent you. Please join! (If you are business support staff, please join UNISON)

At WKC many eligible staff are members of UCU – we are a strong and active branch who are passionate about protecting each other’s rights and supporting each other. We campaign on pay, working conditions, equality and diversity, and protecting our students’ education amongst others.

Over the past year we have been negotiating with management over a range of issues that we are very worried about:

1. Our lack of pay increase

2. The restructures and redundancies

3. The Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

4. Increasing workloads

5. And the introduction of a new holiday booking system

However, unfortunately we do not believe that management are taking these valid issues seriously enough. Therefore, before the summer break we balloted members, asking if they would take action to demonstrate our anger and dissatisfaction with the current pay and working conditions. There was a turnout of 63%, which is very good, and a resounding 96% vote for action.

This clearly demonstrates the level of anger amongst staff.

When we stand together, we are stronger.

In 2018 we went on strike over poor pay and the level of casualised workers who were being denied permanent contracts. We stood together and won a fractionalisation policy and a 5% pay increase.

Since then, we have not had a pay rise and our working conditions have been attacked. We need everyone to join the union and to stand together so that we can be paid fairly and work in a supportive and respectful environment.

If you are not a member – join today to build a better college (then email to be added to the WKC UCU mailing list.)

If you are a member – would you like to be a workroom rep or take on a branch role? Email our Branch Secretary

Branch website with updates and contact details:

Almost 120,000 of your colleagues have chosen to belong to UCU – the largest union and most effective voice for people like you working in post-school education.

UCU is the largest post-school union in the world. We cover universities, colleges, prisons, adult education and other post-16 training providers and our membership includes academics, lecturers, teachers, trainers, instructors, researchers, administrators, managers, computer staff, librarians, postgraduate teaching assistants and other education professionals.

How much does it cost?

Employment income band (excluding London Weighting)Including political fund (per month)Excluding political fund (per month)
£60,000 & above (F0)£27.38£27.11
£40,000 – £59,999 (F1)£24.17£23.94
£30,000 – £39,999 (F2)£21.26£21.06
£22,000 – £29,999 (F3)£18.13£17.96
£15,000 – £21,999 (F4)£10.81£10.71
£5,000 – £14,999 (F5)£4.71£4.67
Below £5,000 (F6)£1.00£0.99

How to Join UCU

You can join UCU online by clicking on the following link: