UCU update – Branches Across Group Vote to Accept 2022/23 Pay Deal

All UCU branches across the group voted to accept the pay offer.below for the year 2022/23: 

A consolidated percentage increase to all salary scales to staff on £45k and under beginning from the 1st August 2022 as follows: 

· Those earning £30k and under – 9% 

· Those earning over £30k up to £45k – 5% 

· From 1 January 2023 an additional 1% compounded consolidated increase based on August 2022 salary increase to those earning over £30k up to £45k. 

The offer is worth up to £2,700 for those on £30k and below and up to £2,600 for those on £30k – £45k. 

New Hourly Paid Lecturer rates have already been increased for the 22/23 academic year and these rates will increase further in line with the pay award. Hourly Paid Staff to have their rate increased in line with the full-time salary increase.  

This is worth up to a 15% increase on the hourly rate for HPLs which is worth up to £4 per hour extra. HPS will receive up to 9% which is worth … 

CCCG has given a commitment to meet after Easter 2023 to negotiate the consolidated pay award for 23/24 academic year. 

Currently still under negotiation – update to be provided ahead of the academic year 22/23: 

· LSA terms and conditions including contract type (hybrid career progression). 

· Change of contract type to Fixed Term Contract or permanent. 

Further to this agreement the following will be negotiated in 22/23 academic year: 

· Ceiling hours (guaranteed hours) for HPL to be agreed. 

· Harmonisation of holidays upwards across the group as well as increase holiday entitlement by 3 days. 

· UNISON to negotiate incremental pay increases for support staff’ 

UCU welcomes this pay offer and congratulates the CLT and the Governing Board for voting to recommend the offer. As the cost-of-living crisis deepens the extra money in staff pay packets will help alleviate some of the impact of this crisis. 

It is an important step in achieving parity with schoolteachers pay and thereby help to establish the importance of our sector’s role within the wider education sector. 

UCU is pleased that management have agreed to meet us to negotiate after Easter next year to discuss a consolidated pay rise for 2023/24. We do not want to end up in the same position as in 2018 when we all celebrated the 5% pay award which then turned out to be a 4-year deal. 

This achievement is down to your determination, sacrifice and preparedness to take action to achieve your goals. Your collective response ensured that your voices were heard and listened to.  

Congratulations to all who stood on the picket lines, helped to get the vote out and supported UCU throughout.  

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