13 May: Motion against Restructuring Proposals carried overwhelmingly

“This meeting notes that there are restructures taking place in 4 areas of WKC: Teaching, Learning and Assessment Team, Additional Learning Support, Tutor Learning Mentors and  Music and Performing Arts. The “consultation” process thus far has been inadequate, one-sided and extremely stressful.

We further note that workloads have increased this year and that staff have responded superbly to the challenges of working during the pandemic. Management state we need to “improve Teaching and Learning” whilst they attempt to cut jobs, creating fear and instability.The CEO has stated that we should be “one cohesive team” and yet has chosen to allow these restructures to go ahead.

We call upon management to halt all restructures immediately, give a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies and engage in discussions with UCU to improve working conditions.”

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