WKC Management Reorganisation

Have you signed our WKC UCU petition about the restructure? It’s vital that we make sure we are not overwhelmed by extra work as so many managers have left, and make sure that proper processes are followed in the future.

If you are a member and haven’t signed yet, here is the link to the petition – http://chng.it/QK2jVHhQRb

We are deeply concerned by the management restructure at WKC. We do not believe the process has been fair and transparent. We are concerned that a whole raft of management posts remains unfilled whilst we have lost many experienced managers. This is all happening against the backdrop of the deepest health, social and educational crisis – we need stability and support. 

We therefore call upon the Principal and Vice-Principal to take the following immediate actions:  

  1. Inform staff of the names of all managers who’ve left, and those whose departures are pending, after taking VR because of the reorganisation
  2. Publish financial cost of reorganisation (including costs of VR and recruiting agency staff as interims etc) 
  3. Outline timetable and process for recruitment of new permanent managers (22 posts to be filled) 
  4. Explain processes/justifications for recruitment of interim managers (some prior to and some after the selection stage of the restructuring)
  5. Provide Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) that includes: 
    (a) risks of potential discrimination identified at the outset of the management reorganisation process 
    (b) steps taken to mitigate those risks and their impact on the process i.e. any changes made
  6. Meet with staff affected by the shortage of managers and grant remission hours to compensate for the additional workload and responsibilities generated in areas with unfilled management posts.

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